Sunday, November 19, 2017

Today's Password November 19, 2017

Passaparola November 19 L’amore non conosce sosta. Love knows no standstill. "Jesus says: 'Those who love me, I will love them and reveal myself to them.’ (Jn 14:21). Loving our neighbor means loving Jesus who always manifests himself and fills us with his light. Many graces will rain down, leaving us tired at the end of the day but happy." Chiara Lubich (The Art of Loving)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Today's Password: 16 September 2017, Saturday

Essere misericordiosi
Be merciful
"We must, in fact, recognize that mercy is not our strong point; it is in this area where we frequently fall short. Our nature, wounded by sin, is more inclined to judge than to understand our neighbor, to reject more than to welcome him, to emphasize rather than to cover and hide his defects and weakness, to remember more than to forgive and forget the wrongs and offenses received. But if Jesus asks us to be merciful, it means that He assures us the grace to be able to attain it."

Chiara Lubich
(Word of Life)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Today's Password - 05.July.2017 - Wednesday

Chi ama trova la luce anche nella sofferenza
Whoever loves finds the light, even in suffering

"It is not true that one who loves the cross, as Christ has commanded us to do, finds suffering. 
One who carries it willingly even when it is hard finds love instead, finds God."

Chiara Lubich 
(Only At Night We See The Stars)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Human Heart Nature - 100% Natural Body Butter (Vanilla Peach)

Let me share with you one of my fave body butters (other than Palmers).

Introducing, highly addictive fragrant body butter,  the Human Nature's Vanilla Peach body butter. Ever since I used this find, I have noticed that my skin is becoming smoother and supple.

Do you also have a new find lately?

Pares in Baste in Butuan City

Pares or in English beef stew is here in Butuan City through Pares ni Baste.  Their food is affordable and customer service is commendable.  Here are some of the photos that I took.  I guess you need to check them out for yourselves so you will know what's inside the plastic bags, hehehe.

You can check them out across Butuan Doctors Hospital along JC Aquino Avenue and their newest branch at Montilla Boulevard across Butuan Mega Hardware.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Today's Password - 31 May 2017,Wednesday

Passaparola May 31
Essere dispensatori di gioia

Spread joy!

"There is a secret, therefore, of how to remain always in joy.  It consists in keeping our eyes fixed in Jesus, doing everything such that He would always shine in us. We already know the way.  Jesus lives in us if we strive to put His Word into practice, especially if we love Him in every brother, ready to give our life for every person, as He had done."

Chiara Lubich
 (Word of Life December 1987)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Today's Password - 15 May 2017, Monday

Cacciare dai nostri pensieri ogni giudizio sul prossimo Cast every negative judgment of our neighbor from our minds (Take away from our thoughts every judgment on our neighbor) "Jesus affirms: 'How can you say to your brother - Let me take that speck out of your eye, while all the time the plank remains in your own? (Mt 7:4).' Jesus knows us sinners better than we can possibly think and He sees clearly that we tend always to make excuses for ourselves and to condemn others. If He grants us just a little understanding of 'who we are' we see that His words reflect our own situation. He warns us to start by removing the plank from our own eye, so that we will be able to lift the speck out of our neighbor’s." Chiara Lubich Diary 1964/65 p160

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

LAZADA Request for Refund Process - Your Ticket to Inconvenience and Stressful Life

I have been ordering from Lazada since last year --- from diapers, scents, hand mixer, then recently phones. Those orders were qualms-free. Until...

Last March 3, 2017, I ordered a Lenovo Vibe Shot at 7,795Php with free powerbank. It comes with 32GB memory and it has 16mp for its camera. I was quite excited because it was very sleek and the specs are all that I have been hoping for. It even came to my mind to also write a review.  However, just few weeks after, I noticed that the network signals (dual-sim as it is) are sometimes gone and back again. I tried to Until the signals were totally gone! Zilch! Nada! I was forced to buy a very basic phone at 499Php just for me to receive texts and calls. So here is my Lazada convenient inconvenience experience with them.

April 26. I returned the item through their LBC return facility. I was glad it was just a few meters away from our house. It was fuss-free and was given a return form with its corresponding return reference number. That evening, I immediately sent through email the return item reference number to Lazada.

May 3. I received an email from Lazada that they have received my returned item and that my refunds is forwarded to the 'Refunds Team'.

May 6. I received another email response after my follow-up that my refund is on queue.  Contrary to their FAQ on refunds, processing refunds when a customer paid cash on delivery only takes 1-2 days.

May 8. I received a call telling me they sent me the LBC details to my email and that I should check my inbox or spam folders for the refund and even sent me a google verification yet no confirmation still of my refund!

May 9. No word from Lazada considering I sent them 3-4 emails to follow up my refund.

May 10. No word from Lazada still...Haist.

May 11. I called Lazada asking on the status of my refund and once again was told that they have already forwarded my concern to their Payments Team. The same yiddi yaddah. I told them that I need my refund today. After 2 hours I received an email informing me that they will be sending my LBC remittance details within the day, fingers-crossed.

Their customer service is very poor in relation to providing exact resolution to your problem yet in all fairness, I can say how calmly they handled my rant.

So what now?  After 15 grueling days, I finally got my Lazada refund thru LBC remittance.

This experience really traumatized me big time and tested my patience.  I guess I will no longer buy gadgets online (save from the Gigaset Me Pro) that I have already ordered and now on the process.

At the end of the day, shopping online is a big risk although very convenient. Just hoping it won't be a ticket for inconvenience and stressful life.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Today's Password - 3 May 2017, Wednesday

Dare il meglio di sé in ogni incontro con il prossimo Give the best of ourselves to every neighbor we meet "We really need ‘to stop’ and ‘to feel’ what our brother is feeling, ‘to make ourselves one’ to the point of taking upon ourselves his painful burden or live with him his joy… We need this exercise of the heart together with that of the will in order to love God and neighbors, in order to have that real love which we know of. It is love nourished by our knowing ‘how to let go’ – living at constant pruning – of our affection for all things and for all people. In this way our heart is pure, our love for God and neighbor is intense." Chiara Lubich Witness and Irradiation p17

Monday, April 24, 2017

Today's Password- 24April2017

Avere un cuore aperto verso tutti/

Open your heart to everyone

Above all else, we must fix our gaze on the one Father of so many children.  Next, look at all creatures as children of the one Father.  We must extend our thoughts and our hearts’ affection always beyond the bounds imposed by merely human life and develop the habit of constantly reaching out to the universal brotherhood in only one Father: God. . . .  Jesus, our model, taught us just two things, which ultimately are one: to be children of only one Father and brothers and sisters to one another.

Chiara Lubich
Heaven on Earth p61

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today's Password- 19April2017, Wednesday

Vincere se stessi per amare

Overcome yourself out of love

"Previously we used to associate with people we liked, those we loved and found pleasant.  Now we are happy to seek the company of whomever God wills us to be with, and we would stay with them for as long as he wills it."
Chiara Lubich

Overcome yourself out of love

"Previously we used to associate with people we liked, those we loved and found pleasant.  Now we are happy to seek the company of whomever God wills us to be with, and we would stay with them for as long as He wills it."

Chiara Lubich